Day Three: Off to Olympia!

See ya later Athens! We wound through the Peloponnese past mountains and beautiful greenery to go take a look at the very, very deep man-made Corinth Canal where we made a pit stop for pictures and to enjoy a lovely iced coffee, much needed after the early wake-up call. We head over to Mycenae, what used to be a military stronghold. We hiked up a small hill to admire the beauty and the history of the ruins of Agamemnon’s Palace where we took some beautiful photos of the citrus fields in the distance and the rolling hills around us.  We kept our journey going with a stop in Nafplio, a small town square where some of the girls and I feasted on our new favourite food – gyros. The town was beautiful. It looked like classic European towns with narrow cobble stone streets, big town square, colourful flowers everywhere. It was a dream come true for me. After a lunch stop we hopped back on the coach bus and headed off to our hotel for the night the Amalia Olympia Hotel. That night we took part in a cooking class where we learned how to make tzatziki, greek style hamburgers, and a dessert pastry that we later ate ourselves! After that it was time for bed to get a goodnight’s rest before our early day the next morning. 


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