Day Two: Athens!

After a much needed rest we headed off to the Greek National Tourism Organization to watch members and directors of the organization talk about the different aspects of tourism in Greece such as who their targeted audience is, what brings people in to Greece, and future plans for tourism in Greece. After that we were taken to the town square for some free time. We were taught how to accurately pronounce Gyros (pronounced yeeros) and time to do some shopping where I ate a magnificent lunch on a rooftop patio restaurant. We headed to the first modern olympic stadium to snap some photos and were joined by a lovely guide to talk to us about the history of Greece and specifically the Acropolis which we later went to visit. It has always been a dream of mine to experience the Acropolis in real life, not just in pictures, and when I was able to see it in person and discover the history behind it, it truly made this trip worthwhile.


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